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Local ○ Organic ○ Biodynamic

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About Us

Kimberton CSA

Kimberton CSA is a ten acre biodynamic, organic mixed vegetable farm. The first CSA in Pennsylvania, this farm was started in 1987 by the Kimberton Waldorf School and interested members of the community looking for ways of doing business that would best support the local community, local agriculture and provide for the needs of everyone involved, including those of our environment.

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Andrew and Frank

Who We Are

We are passionate farmers who care deeply for the land and the people who thrive off of it.  Our goal is to provide the healthiest organic produce directly to our members, while using biodynamic farming practices to protect our soil, our people, and our earth.

Where We Are

Kimberton CSA is located on a beautiful 10-acre plot of land, adjacent to Seven Stars Farm. In addition, we serve customers locally at the Lansdale Farmers' Market and the North Front Street Farmers’ Market.

Stop by and say hello!

How It Works

Organic farm-to-table produce is as simple as it sounds!

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I. Sign up

Purchase a share at the beginning of the season with a credit card online or with a check by filling out the 2019 Commitment Form below! 


II. Show Up

Pick up your share of organic vegetables once each week!  Our conveniently located farm has flexible hours to fit your schedule.
Grab and go or stay and explore!

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III. Start Eating

Enjoy the freshest produce you've ever tasted! Each share will provide you with freshly-harvested seasonal, organic produce for 6 months.