Feed your whole family! One full share of fresh, organic produce each week. Includes weekly access to U-Pick crops. Be sure to check out "What's in a Share?" to see our full variety of seasonal crops! 

Find a friend and share a share! You will each get 1/2 of a share, freshly harvested each week, and access to U-Pick crops on alternating weeks. Perfect for couples and small households.

Just want to dip your toes in CSA life? Pickup our Partial Share, which gets you one full-sized share and access U-Pick crops, every other week. 

2018 Commitment Form

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Thank You for choosing Kimberton CSA!

Print out and complete the 2018 Commitment Form to buy your 2018 CSA share today!

We offer multiple share types and payment plans to get local, organic produce into as many kitchens as possible.

Feel free to email us with any questions!

Early Commitment Discount:

Sign up early and receive a small discount! Your support gives us the means to get underway, right away.  Thank you!
Discount ends January 15th, 2018.